About Us

After filling up every page of two passports and volunteering in various nonprofit organizations, I found myself needing a new challenge in 2014. As a child, my Scottish grandmother had taught me to make jam, and I'd continued making jams for friends and family as an adult. "why not start a little jam business?" I thought. Why not indeed. The State of California had started a new program - Cottage Food Operator - where certain foods could be prepared in a home kitchen and then sold directly to the general public. After mountains of paper work, June, 2014, found me in my front yard selling jam on a card table every Saturday from nine to noon. The next year I expanded my hours and was open on Saturdays and Sundays. A Petaluma business owner bought some jam for her store, and my wholesale business began. There were many mistakes and bumps on the wholesale road. "Alright, a cheese shop owner said. "I'll take seven cases of your strawberry jam." "But that's seven jars, not seven ca